Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury 2019 Seminar.

Our yearly seminar for full DPUK members once again to be held at the Michael Berry Lecture Theater in the Old Sessions House, Canterbury Christ Church University on April 27 and 28 2019.

Download a Christ Church UNI Campus map from HERE.  The seminar will be held in the building in the bottom right hand corner of the plan,“The Old Sessions House.”  Here is also a link to a PAGE about the Campus

We start in the pub Friday afternoon the 26th of April. We will have a bite after that. All this is happening at The Dolphin pub.

Speakers for 27th and 28th.:

* Phil Hopley from Australia on the F.P.C.C..

* Larry Hancock on Gene Wheaton.

* Malcolm Blunt Q&A on the Dallas and Washington Archives years.

* Jeff Meek Q&A on Dallas* Michele Metta from Italy will show his documentary based on his book on C.M.C. and Permindex.

* Bart Kamp on his current research and the new DPUK website.

* Jason Wilcox on predictive programming in regards the JFK Assassination.

* Paul Brown (subject tba)

* Jim DeBrosse on the U.S. media reaction to J.F.K. Conspiracy theories.

Saturday evening we all gather at Abbots Barton hotel for a nice dinner.

Download the menu HERE and make your choices known to Stuart Galloway.

This post will be updated after the seminar with text, photos and videos.